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Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a simple and effective way for private individuals and businesses to spread the cost of a new or used vehicle.

Pay a small deposit (10-20%) to suit the available capital, and then make monthly repayments over an agreed period of time (24/36/48/60 months). Once all the payments have been made along with the option to purchase fee (approx £50 - £100) then the customer acquires title to the vehicle.

If you are a business user, all of the interest on your payments is allowable against tax, additionally a proportion of the vehicle value can be written down against your profits.

Key Benefits

1. Eventual ownership – control of usage and disposal
2. Eases cash flow, budgeting and planning – known outlay that will not change
3. Leaves other credit lines undisturbed
4. Interest charges allowable against taxable profits for business users
5. Tax relief (capital allowances) – reduces tax bill for business users
6. Capital released – leaves money available to develop other parts of the business

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