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4MOTION; because nothing should get in the way of adventure.

Volkswagen’s all-wheel drive technology, 4MOTION, is amongst the most advanced on the market, and the result of years’ worth of experience and research. As a key feature in our range of SUVs, the latest in safety and terrain-tackling technology is thrown into one powerful 4x4 package, making all of the trips you plan to make in your Volkswagen SUV a piece of cake. Whether you're wanting to go off-road and explore, or down the open motorways with the family for the weekend, there's an ideal 4x4 for you.

The Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan

For the bold.

Featuring the space of a family car and the practicality of an SUV, the Tiguan's innovative Haldex clutch system automatically gathers information from the car on its performance, and transfers the torque to where its needed most.

From the urban jungle's twists and turns to the iciest inclines the country can throw your way, the optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive system comes equipped with high torque engines, and the choice of adding the 4MOTION Active Control to your SUV crossover; allowing even the most novice of 4x4 drivers to get the most out of their car in any situation.

Agile and capable, the Tiguan is ideal for families looking for a car as agile as it is adaptable. Benefit from superior traction and security in your drive, whether you're on tarmac or rough terrain, with the optional 4MOTION Active Control; tailored with a choice of driving modes that provide peak handling in the even most challenging conditions. At the touch of a button, switch between four types of terrain and driving styles: the fuel-efficient Eco mode, the Normal mode for day-today driving, the Comfort mode made to minimise vibrations, and the dynamic Sport mode for the open road.

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The Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Touareg

The Touareg

For the adventurous.

The Touareg displays the capabilities of a true 4x4 when off-road, and the ride of a smooth, luxurious and powerful SUV when on it, all thanks to our four-wheel drive technology, ‘4MOTION’.

Packed to the brim with a range of clever systems, this is the SUV for you if you want the perfect combination of rough and ready, luxury and l-something. Perfect for countryside excursions and rough paths, the permanent four-wheel drive available with Torsen gearbox not only allows you to drive confidently no matter the terrain, but provides improved fuel efficiency.

Possessing the power of a workhorse, the Touareg is the prime choice for those who like some extra height to their ride, or regularly take a path of their own making. A combination of advanced 4x4 technologies ensure that any terrain is your domain, such as the advanced Adaptive Power Steering system. Designed to actively monitor your speed and vary the resistance of your steering wheel accordingly, you'll have the precision needed when trying to negotiate tight spots in the city or rocks in a valley, and the ultimate feeling of freedom you desire when you're on the open road.

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The Volkswagen Touareg

Whether you're an experienced off-roader looking to add an extra thrill to your adventure, travel through uneven terrain often, or just need an extra boost when things get tricky, there is a 4MOTION vehicle for you. Please contact your local Volkswagen dealership for further information on vehicles with 4MOTION technology, and test-driving opportunities.