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Volkswagen Golf SV

Spend any time with the Volkswagen SV and an inconvenient truth emerges. All that is shared with the Golf hatchback is brilliant. The SV-specific changes, while useful, just don't offer much that's new or exciting. Is that worth a £2,000+ premium? The inherent excellence of the Golf chassis and engines, the depth of engineering, the sheer commitment to getting the basics right and the day to day liveability of this car will win you over. For every Cristiano Ronaldo, you need a Sergio Busquets, willing to do the simple stuff well. For that reason alone, the Golf SV would earn its place on my team sheet.

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Versatile Space

Inchcape Volkswagen The large 500ltr boot space can be extended to 1520ltrs when you slide the front seats forward and fold them down

Composition Media

Inchcape Volkswagen Intuitive HMI, Touchscreen, CD Drive, Bluetooth, front and rear speakers and more... delivers something for everyone

Keyless Access

Inchcape Volkswagen For convenient access, sensors detect when the key is nearby and you can unlock and start the car with keys in your pocket

Powerful appearance

Inchcape Volkswagen The elevated roofline and well-defined bodylines give muscular, powerful appearance. Designed to deliver

Driver focused dashboard

Inchcape Volkswagen Cleverly angles the dashboard towards the driver. Information is clearly displayed and controls more accessible to the driver

Lane Assist

Volkswagen Inchcape Like a friendly co-driver. It senses if your car is drifting out of your driving lane and gently warns you via steering wheel vibrations

New Volkswagen Golf SV Features

Get behind the wheel of a safe and practical MPV with the new Volkswagen Golf SV. The standout features of this sports van include:

It’s incredibly safe and secure

No matter which version of the new Volkswagen Golf SV you select, rest assured that the car will come complete with a high-quality stability control system. Airbags can also be found in abundance around this MPV, including one for the driver’s knees as well as additional twin front, side and curtain bags. Receive peace of mind that your car is secure when you aren’t near it too, thanks to the inclusion of deadlocks, marked mechanical parts and locking wheel nuts.

Its ride performance is magnificent

Compared to other MPVs on the market, the new Volkswagen Golf SV is top of the class where ride and handling is concerned. This is because the car’s body control feels incredibly tidy and its steering is a lot more precise when compared to its competitors. Drive over potholes or speed bumps and you will also notice that the new Golf SV’s suspension system handles these obstacles without causing the driver discomfort. Our entire range of new Volkswagen Golf SV cars can be viewed below, though be sure to also check out our new Golf SV offers to read how you can purchase practical MPV and receive an exceptional deal in the process.


1.0 Petrol Automatic from £23,395


1.0 Petrol Manual from £21,980


1.4 Petrol Automatic from £27,595


1.4 Petrol Manual from £26,180


1.6 Diesel Automatic from £25,130


1.6 Diesel Manual from £23,715


2.0 Diesel Automatic from £27,860


2.0 Diesel Manual from £26,685


1.2 Petrol Manual from £19,745