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In the words of a previous Volkswagen Group Chairman, the only mistake a Golf can really make is to stop being a Golf, a failing you could never level at this seventh generation model. All the reasons you might want to buy one are satisfied here. It looks like a Golf and functions with all the quality you'd expect from the Western hemisphere's most recognised and most desired family hatch. True, it could be more exciting in its more affordable forms and you certainly wouldn't call it inexpensive in comparison with mainstream models in this segment. But then, this isn't a mainstream model any more, as good in every meaningful respect as the premium compact hatch models from the fancy brands that are much pricier. It is, in short, a Golf made good.

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Variable Boot Floor

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 Allows you to change the height of your boot to suit what you are carrying and load it with greater ease

Panoramic Sunroof

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 Take a breath of fresh air, let a little light into your life and experience the great outdoors

Keyless Access

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 For convenient access, sensors detect when the key is nearby and you can unlock and start the car with keys in your pocket

Laser-welded body shell

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 Using state-of-the-art laser welding the structure is so strong it can absorb impact energy protecting you from within

Adaptive Cruise Control

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 Allows you to set a distance from the car infront of you and your car will accelerate or decelerate to maintain the distance

Electronic Power Steering

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 Actively monitors your speed and varies the resistance depending on how fast you are going

Volkswagen Golf Features

For a perfect all-round car, you cannot go wrong with the Volkswagen Golf. Here are some of the standout features of this impressive hatchback:

A pleasure to drive

Step behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Golf and you are immediately in for a treat. The hatchback’s steering is well weighted to make getting round corners a breeze, while the suspension system ensures comfort whatever the terrain and is incredibly quiet in action. On the topic of calm, both the Golf’s petrol and diesel engines are smooth and hardly make a noise as you work on getting from A to B.

A welcoming interior

As well as being a joy on the road, the Volkswagen Golf also boasts a comfy interior packed with high-quality features. Soft-touch plastics and a metal-effect trim on the hatchback’s dashboard are both sure to catch the eye. Meanwhile, a 5.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with colour display helps make any journey more exciting. Navigating through the screens is also simple, thanks to a handy swiping technique akin to using an iPhone. Feel that the Volkswagen Golf is perfect for you? Take a look at the Golf offers we have available and get the keys to this eye-catching hatchback for less.



Inchcape Volkswagen - Golf Match
  • 16" ‘Dover’ alloy wheels
  • Parking sensors on the front and rear
  • Front fog lights
  • Electronically foldable door mirrors
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Composition Media System
  • Titan Black 'Zoom/Micro' Cloth
  • Driver Profile Selection, adjust the car to suit your style


Inchcape Volkswagen - Golf Match
  • Battery regeneration
  • Composition Media System
  • Front centre armrest
  • Mis-fuel prevention device (Diesel only)
  • Multifunction computer
  • Radiator grille with Blue stripe
  • Start/stop function
  • Bluetooth connectivity for telephone and music


Inchcape Volkswagen - Golf R Line
  • 17" 'Singapore' alloy wheels
  • Front fog lights
  • Discover Navigation system
  • Multifunction leather steering wheel
  • Rear tinted windows
  • R-Line Styling pack and badging

Volkswagen Golf Trim Options

There are three trim options available with the Volkswagen Golf, each catering to different types of drivers. For the eco-friendly motorist, the BlueMotion trim boasts a battery regeneration system, start/stop technology and a radiator grille complete with a Blue stripe. Useful technology is the main appeal of the Match trim, with parking sensors present on the front and rear of the car, electronically foldable door mirrors featuring throughout and an adaptive cruise control system. Opt for the R-Line trim if style is important to you. This version of the Golf features a luxurious multifunctional leather steering wheel, bold rear tinted windows and a specific r-line styling pack.

The new Volkswagen Golf, available here at Inchcape Volkswagen, is sure to catch your attention. Thanks to the family hatchback’s classy and refined setup, the new VW is both comfy and fun to drive.
There are many standout features of the Volkswagen Golf, including boot’s adjustable height and a panoramic sunroof that bathes the cabin in glorious natural light.
Configure your ideal VW Golf online today. Still on the fence? Get in touch with our advisors for more information about the family hatchback or book a test drive to get a better feel for the vehicle.