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e Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf.

Offering big city pace and zero emissions in certain driving conditions – the new Volkswagen e-Golf incorporates smart technologies with environmental efficiency and surprising throttle.

Sustainable motoring.

With an ambition to make the production of vehicles more environmentally friendly by 2018, Volkswagen have created an electric vehicle which challenges the conceptions of electric driving, in the new e-Golf. Designed to deliver a cleaner, still exciting urban adventure; this VW has been developed upon seven years of popular Golf heritage.

The inside alone is enough to impress, from ‘Iridium Matric Decorative Inserts’ to air conditioning, blue seam detailing and a leather trim throughout. Not forgetting, an automatically controlled heated windscreen – perfect for the winter months when it’s simply to cold to clutch at the de-icer and scraper.

Futuristic exterior touches.

How can you differentiate the Volkswagen e-Golf from the standard Golf? Take a look at the vehicle front. If you have a sharp attention to detail, you’ll instantly notice the full LED Headlights which clearly distinguish this model from the standard design. Providing optimum lighting at all times, whether gentle daylight or greater luminosity in the evenings, LED lighting provides improved lighting and efficiency, regardless of the time of day. Helping to support this lighting, the LED Daytime Running Lights flow smoothly into the fresh front bumper design. Besides advanced lighting, the e-Golf features a number of signature badges at the front and rear, marking it’s territory as a stylish model capable of accelerating in style, while releasing zero emissions.

Available trims


Adaptive Cruise Control
Discover Pro nav/radio system
Parking sensors, front and rear
Car-Net e-remote Mobile Online Services
LED headlights
LED rear tail lights

With a theoretical range of up to 186 miles and a recharging time that can take not much more than half an hour, the improved Volkswagen e-Golf makes electric power a much more feasible and normal prospect for British motorists. Still fancy that turbodiesel? Power is delivered by a revised lithium ion battery mounted under the boot floor. In this revised model, its output has been upgraded from 24.2kWh to 35.8kWh. Like its smaller electric sibling, the e-up!, the e-Golf can be charged from a household three-pin socket using the cable provided. With a standard UK 230-Volt, 2.3 kW supply, this recharges the battery in 13 hours. An optional wallbox for home use provides 7.2 kW supply and can recharge a flat battery in less than six hours. Through use of the e-Golf's standard combined charging system (CCS) and a DC supply, the battery can be fully recharged (at levels of up to 40 kW) to 80 per cent capacity in just 30 minutes. It's clear we're going to have to get used to a whole new nomenclature when it comes to the efficiency ratings of electric vehicles. Forget miles per gallon and grammes of CO2 per kilometre. The metric you need to pay attention to here is 'kilowatt hours per 100km'. Volkswagen reckons the e-Golf will manage 12.7kWh/100km, which gives it a total range of 186 miles. More relevant and realistic is what Volkswagen calls the 'estimated real world driving range', rated at around 125 miles.

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Picture of Car & Driving



Zero emissions is achievable when driving in all-electric mode.

Urban adventure

The same thrilling Golf experience, just cleaner.


Features everything from Iridium Matric Decorative Inserts to blue seam detailing.


Heated windscreen making winter mornings a little easier to handle.


Signature e-Golf features and badges help to mark this model’s territory.

Advanced lighting

Optimum luminescence guaranteed thanks to Full LED Headlights and LED Daytime Running Lights.