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Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a different car to the original. It has grown up, become more refined, smarter and, yes, better in virtually every regard. It doesn't need to constantly remind its customers of its roots. Time has moved on and it is what it is. And what it is is the go-to car if you want a quality hot hatch. Yes, it now campaigns in the upper echelons pricewise but the value proposition nevertheless looks good, with this Mk 7 model promising some really strong residual values that take the edge off the cost of ownership. Volkswagen hasn't forgotten about driving enjoyment as the Golf enters middle age. This one's still got the chops to entertain with its clever front axle diff lock signalling that this isn't just for people who merely want the most expensive Golf. There are some formidable vehicles in the hot hatch division, but the Golf GTI almost campaigns in its own sub niche. It's all about authenticity something true hot hatch buyers don't need unsubtle history lessons to understand.

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GTI Performance pack

Optional pack includes, larger brake discs, red brake calipers with GTI logo and an extra 10PS accelerating 0-62mph in 6.4s

Lowered sports suspension

Lowered by about 15mm and made stiffer gives the car a lower ride height and helps improve handling and reduce body roll

Driver Profile Choices

Change performance and experiance at the touch of a button using the east touchscreen. Five driving modes to choose from

Driver Alert System

Analises the drivers' behavior, such as steering patterns giving visual and audible warnings with advice to take a break


Proactive driver management system identifies the possibility of an accident and actives various precautionary safety measures

Discover Pro

A premium navigation and entertainment system that delivers eveything from navigation to driver aids, MP3 and eco-trainer