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New Golf Estate SE Nav

New VW Golf Estate SE Navigation

The new Volkswagen Golf goes large with the new Golf Estate SE Navigation, particularly suited to families, adventurers, and enterprisers. With a whole new generation of infotainment and the latest advancements in driver assistance systems, the SE Navigation takes your routes to the next level with intuitive Car-Net support and satellite navigation.

Beautifully designed.

The new Volkswagen Golf Estate SE Navigation is an MPV of the future, boasting the capacity to handle whatever may come its way. No matter your budget; get everything you could ever want and need from your new Golf Estate. Featuring the unique snowflake-styled ‘Linas’ alloy wheels as standard, the SE Navigation gives a more outwardly luxe vibe, featuring chrome detailing both inside and out.

Technologically advanced.

Inside the new Golf Estate SE Navigation, every journey becomes an experience, offering a multitude of tools required not only for a comfortable car journey, but a truly memorable one. The new intelligent dashboard provides a gateway to the digital world, with the inlaid, touch-enabled 8-inch screen at the head of the dashboard. Able to connect directly to the internet with Car-Net and ensure you stay ahead of the crowd, the SE Navigation comes with intuitive maps pre-installed. So, whether you need to bypass morning traffic jams or find the cheapest station to refuel, no task is too large.



The New Volkswagen Golf Estate The updated, sportier look of the new Golf Estate gives it a striking presence that can’t be ignored, whether cruising the city or traversing rocky terrain.


Inchcape Volkswagen New Golf Estate S With a multitude of tailored materials available for your interior, take control in comfort, for the ride of a lifetime.


Inchcape Volkswagen New Golf Estate S Various driver assistance systems come to your aid as standard; able to detect subtleties in car, and even pedestrian, behaviour to keep you safe.


The New Volkswagen Golf Estate Holding all the charisma and charm of its smaller counterpart, the new Golf Estate’s design encapsulates adventure, along with the means to carry it.


Inchcape Volkswagen New Golf Estate S The boot space available in the new Golf Estate fits every lifestyle, whether you need to pack for the family, haul sports equipment, or stock for business.


Inchcape Volkswagen New Golf Estate S Combining the latest infotainment systems with new levels of connectivity and intuitive operation, stay connected to the world around you, no matter how far you drive.

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