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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 02/11/2016

Refrigeration units are important to transport food around and VW Vans supplies plenty of options for delivery drivers.

Inchcape Volkwagen Commercials

For both the Crafter and Caddy vans, TBC Conversions will convert the interior of both by using rigid panels and moulded units to maximise the interior storage space.

Making their debut at the Commercial Vehicle Show in April 2016, the models on show were adapted to have three different temperature ranges and have a variety of shelving and storage solutions available.

Managing director of the Northern Ireland-based company, David Donnell, said:

With both the converted Crafter and Caddy, we have created an eye-catching unit that is desirable to a broad range of customers, being easily-adaptable to suit their needs.

Collaborating with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles on this project has extended our working relationship with the brand and given us a fantastic opportunity to use two of its most popular models to create a bespoke service that can appeal to a wide-range of clients and businesses. Both models have huge cargo space available and their long body length provides the perfect platform on which to create units fit for specification for the customer."

As well as TBC, Volkswagen welcomes 21 other conversion companies to alter its vehicles as part of the Conversion Recognition Programme and form part of the 'Engineered for You' programme.

To find out more about the Volkswagen Vans-approved conversion companies, contact your nearest Inchcape Volkswagen Vans dealer.

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