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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 16/11/2016

Volkswagen's BlueMotion technology has been around for a while now, helping people to save fuel and money, and also reduce emissions.

Inchcape Volkwagen Commercials

So to add the BlueMotion effect across the VW Vans range, it is adding fuel-saving technology to the Transporter panel van for businesses to use and reduce their carbon footprint.

Combined with the 2-litre TDI Euro 6 diesel unit, the Transporter T6 short wheelbase panel van can return figures of 47.9mpg, but with BlueMotion additions, it can improve to 51.4mpg and reduce CO2 emissions to 145g/km when paired with a five-speed manual gearbox.

To suit the Transporter, VW Vans has altered the gear ratios, added aerodynamic wheel spoilers, lowered suspension and low friction tyres, and implemented a speed limiter to limit to top speed to 62mph. Other standard BlueMotion options added include cruise control, Stop/Start technology and battery regeneration systems.

For businesses that are exempt from VAT, the price for this new Transporter model starts from £19,670, but including VAT, the van starts from £23,604.

This option adds to the already successful range of Transporter vehicle options and to find out more about this latest addition to the model line, contact your nearest Inchcape Volkswagen Vans dealer.

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