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Published Date: 11/11/2015

When it comes to keeping your van running, servicing costs can be a little bit unclear.

Volkswagen Transporter

Luckily with fixed price servicing for your Volkswagen van, the veil of mystery has been lifted.

Whatever model of VW van you drive, you'll only pay one price for every intermediate service and one for every full service, whether your service items need renewing or not.

For the interim service, we'll check the condition of the wipers, washers, tyres, braking system, exhaust, driveshafts, visible belts, battery, filters, horn and lamps. The levels of washer, coolant and brake fluids will be checked along with tyre pressures - which will be corrected if necessary - and the engine oil and oil filter will be changed.

In addition to this, the full service includes checking the airbags, paint and bodywork, the tipper system (where fitted), engine and drivetrain for any leaks and the underbody sealant and panels for any damage. Gearbox and differential oil will be changed if necessary, along with replacing the air, fuel and pollen filters. If you have a Crafter with an AdBlue reservoir, this will be refilled too, and all vehicles will be roadtested.

If you pay on the day, interim services cost £110 for the Caddy, £115 for the Transporter T4, £135 for the Amarok and LT, £140 for the Transporter T5 and £145 for the Crafter. Full services start at £235 on the Caddy, £245 for the T4, £260 on the Amarok, £275 for the Crafter, £290 for the T5 and finally £320 for the LT.

For commercials less than 12 months old with under 10,000 miles on the odometer, you can pay monthly for a service plan. This starts at £13 for the Caddy and tops out at £18 for the Crafter. You can also add maintenance - which includes fair wear and tear replacements for engine, braking and transmission components - from an extra £11pcm for the Caddy. A tyre service plan is available too, with the full package from £35 a month on the Caddy up to £50 a month for Crafter variants.

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