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Published Date: 17/04/2015

Next generation Volkswagen Camper could be electric

The Volkswagen Camper could be returning, and in a radical move, could be powered by a combination of electric motors and batteries should it be resurrected.

VW bosses have confirmed they are looking to into bringing back one of its most famous models in the near future, but in order to keep that iconic shape, the use of a conventional combustion engine could be out of the question.

Those recognisable flat front end and short overhangs of the original would be something the German firm would love to keep in any new design; however, the only way to keep such a shape given the needs of modern powertrains, would be to replace an engine with new-age power supplies.

Volkswagen’s chairman of the board Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser told Auto Express: “If we want to do this on an attractive cost base, we are not able to put a rear engine into such a car.

“When we put such a vehicle on the base of the modular transverse kit (MQB), we can use it as a battery electric vehicle – because the e-motor is much smaller than a combustion engine and we can build it in another way. It’s easy to bring battery space into such a vehicle, because you can put them under the floor. We have these systems already."

While Dr Neusser admitted that the company’s engineers are yet to get to a point where a show car can be created, there are working flat out in order to bring something into reality. The VW Bulli brought us echo of the 1950s Camper when it made its debut at the 2011 Geneva motor show, but a more real-world example would be expected to come to fruition.

One of the most familiar features of the VW Camper was the closeness of the cabin to the front of the car, something that cannot be made possible with the use of a regular petrol or diesel engine installed. Bringing in batteries and electric motors would allow this to be realised, however, and could result in any modern version have immediate recognition to the classic original.

There’s currently no word on when we might such a vehicle from VW, but if it wants to utilise its current and very versatile MQB platform, it could be seen no later than the next five years.

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