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Published Date: 3/2/2015

When it comes to getting vital medical to some of the most rural parts of the British Isles – only a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle will do.

NHS Highland Estates clearly followed this message when they decided to add seven new Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to their fleet.

The NHS Highland Estate covers over 10,000 square miles of harsh mountain terrain and is responsible for maintaining healthcare facilities throughout isolated Scottish regions.

NHS Highland Estates 
Incredibly high demands are placed on the fleet of commercial vehicles as they are required to complete urgent journeys on some of the most difficult roads in Britain.

NHS Highland Estates were no stranger to the superior reliability and efficiency of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and therefore knew precisely where to look when it wanted to add to its range of response vehicles.

In all, seven new Volkswagen models are set to join the fleet, and will join the organisations’ current fleet of Caddy C20, Caddy C20, Caddy C20 Maxi, Caddy C20 Kombi and Transporters.

Among the new models being introduced to the NHS Highland Estates fleet include an Amarok pick-up and a Transport 4MOTION – both of which were selected for their incredible ability to go where others dare not.

Both VW’s come with four-wheel drive and have been designed and engineered especially for the king of terrain that NHS Highland Estates drivers encounter every day.

Another reason why this was an easy decision for NHS Highland Estates was Volkswagens extensive aftersales support which will help to keep NHS teams of the road 24/7.

NHS Highland Estates will be guaranteed a like-for-like replacement vehicle should the unforeseen happen thanks to Volkswagen’s celebrated Service Promise.

BlueMotion Technology has been opted for throughout the fleet where possible in order to increase fuel-efficiency and produce low C02 emissions.

Maintenance manager for NHS Highland Estates, Bain Magnus, commented, “The work of NHS Highland Estates is vital to servicing healthcare facilities throughout some of the remotest areas of Scotland.”

Adding, “When looking to source new vehicles for our fleet, reliability and efficiency were of great importance, and taking into account value for money, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles emerged as the number one choice.”

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