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Published Date: 03/03/2016

Volkswagen Crafter

Already a long-standing partner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Ltd. has opted to renew its contract and add yet more vehicles to its significant fleet.

The company is responsible for managing the cabling - both overhead and underground - that provides electricity to nearly a million homes and businesses across Northern Ireland. With almost 30,000 miles of high voltage cabling, that's a significant challenge.

Part of the decision is down to Volkswagen's award-winning aftersales support. VW Commercial Vehicles is committed to keeping van owners moving and will source a like-for-like courtesy vehicle if a van is likely to be off the road for more than a couple of hours, allowing the business to keep operating at full strength. This is particularly important for NIE Networks, which operates a number of 24/7 rapid response emergency vehicles..

The company's fleet already stands at 400 vehicles and this has been bolstered by an additional 28 new VW vans. The van of choice is the medium wheelbase Crafter CR35, selected for quality and reliability, along with ample load space and bespoke conversion program - each will be equipped with specialist racking solutions that depends on the equipment to be carried and vehicle purpose.

These new vehicles will be used as part of the connections team that attaches new customers to the electricity network or alteration of existing connections in both businesses and homes in Northern Ireland.

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