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Published Date: 22/06/2016

Volkswagen CV MOT
Recent statistics from the DVSA show that 49 per cent of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) fail their MOT first time around - a figure that hasn’t been improving over the past few years.

VWCV looked into those statistics and found that 45 per cent of the problems that cause failures are easily sorted, such as faulty light bulbs, warn tyre tread, faulty mirrors and illegal number plates.

A further 40 per cent of detected failures were due to brake and suspension wear, which could both easily be picked up and sorted during routine maintenance.

For the past three years the main causes of failure have consistently been lighting and signalling, brakes and suspension, and these faults are leaving owners with more downtime and unnecessary repair costs.

With the help of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles technicians and staff, we are fully committed to carrying out thorough visual checks on every LCV brought in for a service, meaning we can point out what needs to be sorted before your MOT.

Drivers then will have the piece of mind to ensure that they can make any necessary repairs, so that you can have a hassle-free MOT day and can be as safe as possible.

VWCV offers a national pricing scheme so that LCV operators can plan for any maintenance costs and be prepared for any eventuality.

To find out more information on our servicing system, go to or contact your nearest Inchcape VWCV centre. 

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