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Published Date: 07/04/2015

Volkswagen teases the sixth-gen Transporter

Volkswagen Group are set to unveil their sixth generation Transporter on 15th April, ahead of its arrival in the UK later this year. The image that was recently released by the manufacturer shows that the new Transporter will adopt the latest Volkswagen family look, similar in design to the latest VW Caddy.

What we can see from the sketch is that it proves to be a perfectly clear design that conveys the Volkswagen design traits. Called the transporter T6, the sharply styled model includes distinctive deep alloys to guarantee a modern drive.

The original Transporter will celebrate its 65th birthday this year, and it is unquestionably the most popular and iconic model over the previous five versions. The official Volkswagen Transporter has gone on to be one of the world’s best-selling light commercial vehicles yet and no wonder, its distinctive, quirky design is enough to take any market by storm.

The previous Volkswagen Type 2 may not be the most advanced campervan on the market, but it certainly thrives in excellent appearance and complete originality. All Type 2 vans are fitted with four-wheel drive, but due to the old styled body, the incredibly designed model consists of clattering air-cooled engines with a 60 mph top speed and 20mpg thirst.

Further details will be released when the new Transporter is launched in April and as expected, the production will go on sale later this year. To find out more about Volkswagens Transporter range, contact us today. 

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