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Published Date: 04/03/2016

Volkswagen smart telematics

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Telematics is the ideal solution for keeping an eye on your van fleet, no matter how many or how few vehicles you run.

In partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Finance and the RAC, the telematics system provides live, real-time data to your desktop, tablet or smartphone, allowing you to keep an eye on your entire fleet whenever and wherever you want.

Installation and setup is free of charge and just requires a small unit plugged into each vehicle in your fleet. The service then costs £12.50 per month (excluding VAT) on a 36-month contract.

With the unit in place, the fleet portal can use vehicle journey and speed data to generate mileage and fuel statistics. You'll have details of routes taken, journey times, driving speed and live traffic updates, allowing you to optimise routes, see where savings can be made and create HMRC-compliant expense reports.

You can also use the portal to view driver behaviour and monitor driving style, giving each driver a score for their driving standards.  This allows you to identify areas where driver safety can be improved, reducing fleet risk and insurance costs. Telematics can mean faster, safer and more efficient delivieries!

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Telematics also includes the Driverline service. This uses the telematics data to help you plan servicing for your vehicles, minimising the amount of downtime.

For more information on telematics, click here - - or visit your local Inchcape Volkswagen Vans Centre.

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