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Published Date: 09/03/2016

VW Commercial at Geneva 2016

The focus of the Geneva Motor Show is for car manufacturers to release new models - but the same applies to commercial vehicles too

Central to Volkswagen Commercial's offering at Geneva was the new Caddy TGI BlueMotion model. Using either Compressed Natural Gas or Renewable Natural Gas, the Caddy TGI Bluemotion uses the traditional TSI petrol engine as a base, meaning it can run on regular petrol when natural gas is unavailable or, when temperatures fall too far, unfeasible.

VW Commercial at Geneva 2016

The TGI engine is available on either the panel van or people carrier (Maxi) versions, and the CNG fuel system can also be fitted to the new four-wheel drive Alltrack model, which has replaced the Cross Caddy for the 2016 upgrade.

Also on show at Geneva was the new Multivan PanAmericana. Based on the Transporter, this versatile van comes with a whole host of unique design features, creature comforts and car-like appointments for the front seat occupants, while the back can be used to transport your superbike - with an electrically-assisted loading and unloading ramp!

The futuristic electric BUDD-e concept was also available to pore over. This beyond-next generation camper van features autonomous driving, an electric powertrain and 'man-cave' style rear accommodation, with integral internet connectivity to share your road trip experiences with your social media followers!

It wasn't just about what Volkswagen could do with Volkswagens though. Aftermarket companies were also using Volkswagen Commercial models to demonstrate their wares - notably MTM who revealed a 4.2-litre TDI V8 powered Amarok it calls the Passion Desert, for the commercial operator in an extreme hurry!

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