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Published Date: 03/12/2015

VW Commercial passenger carriers

When it comes to moving people, VW Commercial has you covered.

There's a variety of solutions available, whether you need to move a small number of guests in comfort or take a large group at once.

Starting the range off is the Caddy Life. This comes with five seats as standard and offers an MPV-like experience. The Caddy Life has a low rear sill and a flat load surface, along with sliding doors on both sides, so accessing the passenger and luggage compartments is quick and easy.

Two extra seats are available in the back and all of the seats in the middle and rear row can be split, folded, double-folded or completely removed. DAB+ and Bluetooth compatibility are provided as standard, as is a 5-inch touchscreen - which can be upgraded to a 6.3-inch screen with the smartphone-friendly Discover Media System.

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

If you need a little extra room, the Caddy Maxi Life comes with seven seats as standard. It is just as well-equipped as the smaller Caddy and both vans come with good safety credentials, packing ABS, ESC and post-collision braking as standard along with side and curtain airbags. Park assist and rear parking sensors are available as options.

Capable of holding more still, the Transporter Shuttle allows for a passenger complement of up to eight. It's available in two wheelbases, with seat arrangements from five to nine so you can specify it to carry whatever ratio of people and luggage you wish. Like the Caddy, it comes with sliding doors on both sides to allow easy access to the rear cabin.

The Transport Shuttle includes automatic post-collision braking, brake assist and driver alert system as standard, with lane change assist and adaptive cruise control as options.

Should a little more luxury be needed, there's the Caravelle. Externally similar to the Transporter Shuttle, the Caravelle is equipped with a rail-mounted seat system that allows for a variety of configurations for seats and tables - you can even turn the rear cabin into a conference room, with a rear-facing middle row.

With Alcantara and leather available in all seats and an optional three-zone climate control system, the Caravelle is a spacious, comfortable and social solution for moving people. For ultimate style though you can upgrade to Gen 6 specification, which adds an incredible amount of kit.

On the outside, the Gen 6 adds 18-inch 'Disc' alloy wheels and a two-tone paint scheme. The paint finish spreads to decorative inserts on interior panels and the leather/Alcantara trim and three-zone climate control become standard fit. The infotainment system is upgraded too, to a Discover Media system, with smartphone connectivity and a 6.3-inch touchscreen.

When size conquers all, the largest option is the Crafter Window van. Available in two wheelbases with a wide variety of seat configurations, the Crafter is the most versatile vehicle of all.

There's a sliding door fitted to the passenger side as standard, with a handy interior entry step and the option to fit an electric door for even easier access. You can also specify a skylight system that allows more natural light into the passenger/load compartment to make it easier to roam the cabin and find items inside.

Whichever passenger carrier you choose, your local Volkswagen Van Centre will provide total service support, from MOTs and tyres to software updates and parts.

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