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Published Date: 03/12/2015

Why you need a Volkswagen Amarok Pickup

When it comes to a commercial vehicle, a pickup might not be the first thing to mind.

However Volkswagen's Amarok pickup is not only the perfect commercial vehicle, but one of the best-rounded vehicles on sale today.

The rear load bay of the pickup is 2.52m2, wide enough to accommodate a Euro pallet and with a maximum payload rating of around a tonne. With a Durabed load compartment coating and a variety of covers available - from a sliding tonneau to a full-height hardtop - the Amarok can carry any load you're likely to ask of it. Should you need more space though, it can be fitted out with a towbar to pull up to 2,800kg of trailer.

Volkswagen Amarok

The Amarok's toughness can be put down to the traditional ladder chassis it employs and this also gives it some off road talent. All Amaroks are equipped with 4MOTION four-wheel drive too, so when the weather gets grim and the roads become impassable to other commercials, the Amarok keeps on going. It even has a wading depth of 500mm, should fording become necessary.

But while the Amarok has the outside appearance of rugged workhorse, inside it's more like a regular family car. There's five seats, with ample room for adults in comfort and leather or Alcantara is available depending on your specification. Heated seats, 2-zone climate control and a sat-nav system all give a cultured feeling on the inside.

You'll also find a range of safety features that improve the driving experience. This includes an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) which stops the vehicle from skidding, Hill Hold Assist (HHA) which prevents rolling back on hill starts, and Hill Descent Control (HDC) to help the Amarok down steep hills.

All things considered, the Amarok is one of the most versatile vehicles on the road.

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