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"The Amarok is at home on or off the road, with extraordinary performance, class-leading load carrying ability and refined creature comforts. "

Oriental models have for too long held sway in the UK pick-up truck market, a state of affairs that Volkswagen set out to change when they launched this Amarok model in 2011. Big, economical and very capable, Volkswagen's off-road load-lugger was designed to give the Japanese contingent a few sleepless nights but originally boasted a 2.0-litre diesel line-up in a class where rivals had 2.5 or 3.0-litre units. Hence the development of an all-new six cylinder 3.0-litre TDI unit for this latest version claiming an effective mixture of power and efficiency. The result should be a very complete pick-up indeed. UK customers can choose from selectable (with manual gearbox) and permanent (with auto) 4MOTION four-wheel drive. As before, with a length of 5.25 metres and a width of 2.23 metres, this Amarok is a substantial thing. To reflect the changes made beneath the bonnet, Volkswagen's stylists have tried to give this improved version a more athletic-looking front end. Drop down the sturdy tailgate and the headline news is the 2.52m3 load volume - that's more than double the size of, say, an equivalent Toyota Hilux. And in summary? Well, pick-up users aren't necessarily expecting their vehicles to be advanced, car-like and fuel efficient. But most would be very pleased if they were. These are people who should get themselves behind the wheel of this improved 3.0-litre V6 TDI Amarok. At last, we Europeans have given the Far East something it can learn from.

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Car-like comfort

A comfortable, feature-packed cabin and ergonomic seats give Amarok the feel of a passenger car. Not so rough, always ready

Class-leading load area

With a total load area of 2.52m2, Amarok is the only pick-up to take a Euro pallet sideways, with a low sill height to make loading easy

Safety features

Stay safe and keep your load secured, with Amarok’s suite of safety features, including ESP and off-road ABS

Hill hold and descent assisst

If your work takes you on extreme climbs, Amarok offers you the ultimate in safety and control all the way up and down

Cruise Control

Keeping you at a constant speed for long stretches of open road, you'll save fuel that would normally be wasted when your speed fluctuates

Heated front seats

Perfect for those cold winter mornings, heated seats with Vienna leather upholstery are the perfect way to warm up quickly