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Caddy Black Edition

Caddy Black Edition

Put your business in the Black

Designed to make a statement, the stunning Caddy Black Edition includes a specification that’s usually reserved for the most exceptional passenger cars. It offers value and premium quality without compromising on its virtues of being a reliable and economical workhorse. And with a 1.6 litre 102PS TDI engine that includes BlueMotion Technology and perfectly balances power, torque and economy, you can be sure the Caddy Black Edition will have a positive impact on both the environment and your clients.

"The most luxurious Caddy ever built"


Drives like a car

To take the strain out of work, the refined Caddy is easy to drive and work with

A van you can trust

The most reliable van in its class according to the independent Fleet News 50 report

Spacious yet efficient

Although compact on the outside, the Caddy is big on the inside with two wheelbases and the ability to seat up to seven people

Fuel-saving technology

Our common rail diesel Caddys are more refined than ever before meaning fewer stops at the pumps

Three-year warranty

Caddy's warranty covers you for two years with no mileage limit, and for the third year up to 100,000 miles

Market-leading residual values

When it's time to upgrade your fleet, you can be confident in the knowledge you'll get a better-than-average return on your outgoing vehicles

New Volkswagen Caddy Black Edition Features

The new Volkswagen Caddy Black Edition may be marketed as a van but it has plenty of credentials that appeals to car owners too. Read on to discover just some of this commercial vehicle’s standout features:

You will feel like you’re driving a car

Thanks to a refined set up, the new Volkswagen Caddy Black Edition is so easy to drive that people used to being behind the wheel of a car will have little trouble adjusting to life on the road in a van. The numbers associated with how the new Caddy Black Edition gets from A to B are impressive too. Accelerating to 62mph from rest takes just 12.2 seconds, while the van can keep going to 106mph. All of this from an engine that offers 55.4mpg limits CO2 emissions to a mere 134g/km.

Both the interior and exterior are sure to catch the eye

As well as being enjoyable to drive, the new Volkswagen Caddy Black Edition is also a joy to behold. Take a look around the van’s exterior and you are sure to be in awe of the vehicle’s sharp deep black pearlescent paint job. There’s a set of 17-inch alloy wheels too, which increases the style stakes even further. The treats don’t stop when you enter the new Caddy Black Edition’s cabin either, as you can relax in comfortable and stylish leather and Alcantara seats. Discover the new Volkswagen Caddy Black Edition best for you from the range below and make an enquiry online without delay. Don’t forget that there’s huge savings waiting on our new Caddy Black Edition offers page too.