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Caddy Maxi Panel Van

Caddy Maxi Panel Van

The Caddy Maxi offers the same great features as the Caddy, but with the addition of more space. With a load volume of 4.2m3 and a longer wheelbase, the Caddy Maxi provides an extra 469mm of load length – giving up to 2,250mm of usable space.

In common with the Caddy, access at the rear is through generous asymmetric doors, which on the Caddy Maxi, feature opaque glazed panels. When it comes to side access, the Caddy Maxi includes twin sliding doors as standard. As an addition to the Caddy, the Caddy Maxi features a full-height solid bulkhead. With eight load-lashing rings, an interior light and hardboard side protection as standard, the Caddy Maxi’s load compartment offers the perfect environment for your cargo.

"An extra cubic metre of capacity (4.2m³) and a load length of 2.25m."


Sliding doors to both sides

Access your cargo whichever side of the road you park on, with sliding doors to both the passenger and driver side.

A van you can trust

The most reliable van in its class according to the independent Fleet News 50 report

Spacious yet efficient

Although compact on the outside, the Caddy is big on the inside with two wheelbases and the ability to seat up to seven people

Fuel-saving technology

Our common rail diesel Caddys are more refined than ever before meaning fewer stops at the pumps

Rear parking sensors

You can see a lot using the large wing mirrors, but city obstacles are often hidden from view. Parking sensors will help alert you to these hazards

Cruise Control

Keep your van at a constant speed for long stretches of your journey, while also saving fuel that would normally be wasted when speed fluctuates

New Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Panel Van Features

Functional, versatile and flexible in order to suit various needs are just a few ways to describe the new Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Panel van. Read on to find out about this commercial vehicle’s key features:

The numbers which will catch the eye

You are bound to be pleased with the stats and figures surrounding the new Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Panel van if you require a commercial vehicle to transport heavy loads on a regular basis. Open up the van’s storage cabin and you will be presented with a space that can accommodate loads 2,249mm in length, 1,532mm in width and 1,259mm in height. You won’t need to worry about the weight of the items you are carrying either, as the new Caddy Maxi Panel van handles payloads up to 734kg.

Load and unload with relative ease

As well as being great for transporting all sizes of equipment, the new Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Panel van also makes it easy to load and unload items. This is because the commercial vehicle’s 4.2m3 load compartment can be accessed either from two side sliding doors — one on each side of the van. The new Caddy Maxi Panel van also boasts a low loading bed, so you don’t need to strain when getting items on and off the vehicle. View our entire range of new Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Panel vans below and make an enquiry about the vehicle that appeals to you online today. Don’t forget to check out our new Caddy Maxi Panel van offers page too, as we can help you save huge with fantastic deals and low monthly payments on this practical commercial vehicle.