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Crafter BlueMotion

Crafter BlueMotion

BlueMotion technology consists of four key elements, which when added together, contribute to significant improvements in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. As a business, this not only benefits your pocket, but also demonstrates your concern for the environment!

The Crafter BlueMotion is not only the most environmentally friendly model in the Crafter range, but also delivers the perfect balance between load capacity, power, torque and economy.

Four Key Elements

1. Start/Stop - Allows you to save fuel by automatically turning the engine off when you stop and engage neutral. As soon as it’s time to move, the engine starts up again. A simple, but highly effective system.

2. Low rolling resistance tyres - These don’t need to work as hard to get your van moving (and keep it rolling) which is especially useful when shifting heavy loads. This reduces engine work, saves fuel and lowers CO 2 emissions..

3. Regenerative braking - When you brake, the energy recuperation system uses momentum to turn the alternator and charge the battery. A well charged battery results in the engine doing less work, which in-turn saves fuel and lowers CO 2 emissions.

"If fuel is one of your biggest costs, take a look at the most economical Crafter we’ve ever made."



Lighter than a standard model and with all the benefits of BlueMotion Technology, it’s time to get serious with your fuel budget

Cargo area

Your mobile store room comes complete with interior lighting, steel bulkhead and all the lashing points you need to keep your load secured


With a range of bulkheads you can separate the load space from the cab, resulting in greater protection, less noise and a warmer cab

Twin sliding doors

Add a sliding door to the driver’s side to access the Crafter’s huge load space conveniently from both sides of the vehicle

Fuel saving technology

Our 2.0l TDI Crafters travel up to 25% further than before on a tank of diesel, so fewer stops at the pumps

Full width-rear step

The optional full-width rear step is integrated into the rear bumper and aids access into the cargo area

New Volkswagen Crafter BlueMotion Features

The VW Crafter has just become a lot more economical, thanks to the addition of the new Volkswagen Crafter BlueMotion to this popular commercial vehicle family. Read on to find out why you should look to add this van to your business fleet:

It enables you to cut your fuel costs considerably

The technology present on the new Volkswagen Crafter BlueMotion is designed to both reduce the amount of fuel consumed on a journey and cut the amount of CO2 that is emitted. For one, there’s start/stop functionality to ensure the van isn’t wasting fuel while you are stuck in traffic or stationary at traffic lights. Meanwhile, the new Crafter BlueMotion can gently accelerate no matter the load being transported thanks to a set of low rolling resistance tyres. When it comes to slowing down, an energy recuperation system will come into play and allow an alternator to charge the van’s battery. This means less work being put on the engine.

It boasts a well-equipped and spacious cargo area

Of course, fuel economy will mean little if a van was unable to transport goods from A to B effectively. Fortunately, this isn’t a concern with the new Volkswagen Crafter BlueMotion. The van’s cargo compartment measures in at a huge 2,600mm in length, 1,780mm in width and 1,650 in height. On top of this, interior lighting will ensure you can safely load and unload items no matter the conditions. Convenient lashing points help keep your load secure throughout the journey too. Check out all of our new Volkswagen Crafter BlueMotion vans below and enquire about any that catch your eye online today. Be sure to also view our new Crafter BlueMotion offers, to see the fantastic deals we have available on this economically friendly vehicle.