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Buying a new car can be a daunting process, firstly knowing which make or model is right for you, and not to mention all the options available too! To help you along the way, Inchcape Volkswagen has put together a checklist to assist you on your new car buying journey, hopefully to point you in the right direction of finding the best vehicle for your needs and at the most attractive price. Read on to view our entire new car checklist:

Budgeting for a new car

  • this price for a reason.
  • Have you included the cost of insurance and road tax in the budget for your new car? Make sure to enquire about models that come with free insurance.
  • Have you considered all finance options (these being personal contract hire, personal contract purchase, hire purchase and a personal loan)?
  • Do you know the tax rate of the car that you plan to buy? Search online or speak to one of our sales advisors, who should be able to tell you this.
  • Make sure to question the added value that comes with the car, such as free servicing options, extended warranty and roadside assistance.
  • If this is your first car, will you have to pay for a parking permit when you get the vehicle back home?
  • If this is your first car, will you have to take into account toll charges when driving the car? Consider charges for using certain tunnels and bridges on your commute, as well as any congestion charges in place in your region.
  • Will you have to pay any upfront costs for your car, such as a deposit? Establish what deposit contribution offers are available on your model of interest.
  • Petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric — which is the most important fuel system for you?
  • Manual or automatic?
  • Will the car be used more for short or long journeys?
  • How many doors do you require?
  • What do you value more? Fuel efficiency or enough space to fit all the family into your car?
  • Will the car be regularly towing a trailer or caravan?
  • Will the car need to fit into small spaces, such as when parked at work or being put in a garage when at home?
  • How big does the boot need to be? Consider whether you’ll be carrying a pushchair or large sports equipment like a set of golf clubs in the vehicle.
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    Test driving your new car

  • Do you feel comfortable when driving the car?
  • Does the car feel good when driving on different roads? Take it out onto a motorway during a test drive and make sure you ask about different test-drive routes available.
  • Can the car fit a child car seat easily, if this is a requirement for you?
  • Is the suspension sufficient? Take it over speed bumps and around corners to find out.

  • Part exchanging your old car

  • Have you carried out your own research to determine your current car’s value? This will be based on the age, condition and mileage of the vehicle, so accuracy is important.
  • Have you reviewed what the pros and cons are of selling your car privately compared to part-exchanging?
  • Volkswagen Golf

    Collecting your new car

  • Have you ensured that the collection and delivery arrangements work for you? Also allow plenty of time for a handover, so that you can get to know all the features and benefits of your new car.
  • Have you asked for any video links which may help with getting to understand the technology and features of your car when you are back at home?
  • Customers may also re-visit their local retailer in the following weeks if any refresher information on the features and benefits is required. Have you checked if this visit is required for you?
  • Has your sales executive introduced you to the Aftersales Team? By doing so, you will have a point of contact going forward should you need to visit the service or parts department.

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    Paperwork & spare equipment to check before driving away with your new car

  • Have you been provided with a logbook or V5C?
  • Have you been provided with a servicing booklet?
  • Have you been provided with a car manual(s)?
  • Does your new car come with a spare wheel? Not all vehicles will, so this may be something you’d like to purchase upon collection.
  • Have you been provided with a spare key?
  • Have you been provided with a sales contract?
  • Be sure to check it has your correct details on. Hopefully the details above will assist you throughout your buying experience. However, if there is any other information you require please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit your local Inchcape Volkswagen dealership if you have any questions after reading our checklist for buying a new car.

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