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You can get a great deal when buying a second-hand or used vehicle. Inchcape Volkswagen’s used car checklist has everything you need to consider before completing a purchase too. Take a look at the full checklist now:

Before purchasing a used car

  • Have you carried out a car data check to identify issues like clocking, cloning and cut-and-shut repairs? Speak to your retailer for more details on this.
  • Have you checked the cost to insure the used vehicle?
  • Have you checked the used vehicle’s tax rates?
  • Have you looked into any added value that comes with buying an Approved Used Vehicle?

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    Finding the best used car for your needs

  • Do you want a petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid used vehicle?
  • Would you rather have a manual or automatic transmission system?
  • Will you be using the used car for short or long journeys?
  • What’s the minimum number of doors you require?
  • What’s more important to you — a lot of interior space or fuel efficiency?
  • Do you require your used car to tow a trailer or caravan on a regular basis?
  • Will your used car have to fit into a small space, such as your home’s garage?
  • Will you need a large boot to store bulky items, such as a pushchair or golf clubs?

  • Viewing the used car & test driving

  • Have you arranged to view the used car during the day? Try and avoid going for a viewing in the rain (although not always possible!) — the more daylight available, the better the inspection.
  • Have you ensured the used car’s security system works?
  • Is all of the used car’s gadgetry in good working order?
  • Do all of the used car’s lights work?
  • Do the tyres have appropriate tread levels and are they fully inflated?
  • Is the used car comfortable to drive?
  • Can the used car be driven on a variety of roads? Take it out on a motorway, as well as through a town or city.
  • Do the brakes hold up in an emergency stop?
  • Does the handbrake hold on a hill?
  • Does the steering work well during a three-point turn?
  • Does the used car veer to one side when you’re driving?
  • If required, can a child’s car seat be easily fitted?
  • Does the bonnet, boot, doors and windows of the used car open and close easily and solidly?
  • Does the used car accelerate smoothly?
  • Does the used car power up hills or do you need to constantly change gears to reach the summit?
  • Does the suspension feel fine when driving the used car over speed bumps or around corners?

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    Documentation & essential items of a used car

  • What does the used car’s service history look like?
  • Have you seen the used car’s V5C vehicle registration document?
  • Does the used car have a consistent series of MOT certificates? There should be one every year once the car has been on the road for three years.
  • Is the used car’s handbook present?
  • Does the used car come with a spare key?
  • Is the correct special adaptor for locking the used car’s wheel nuts present in its tool kit?

  • Final checks of the used car before making payment

  • Have you reached an agreement regarding collection or delivery of the used car?
  • Have you confirmed any work that needs to be carried out ahead of you taking ownership of the used vehicle?
  • Does the receipt for the purchase of the used car include the correct vehicle details, an accurate price and the terms of sale?

  • We hope our checklist for buying a used car has been helpful. If you have any further queries, please get in touch or call into your nearest Inchcape Volkswagen dealership.

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