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Published Date: 06/05/2015

Cars these days are packed with technology. But what does it mean? And how does it work?

We take a look at eight of the best features of the VW Polo - and explain how they work, and what they do….

Adaptive cruise control

It’s as close to automatic driving as most motorists would want to get! Thanks to a combination of radars and sensors, the Polo tracks the position of cars around you. So click on the button and tell the car what speed you want to do, and it’ll do it - and slows down automatically when you get too close to the car in front, or someone cuts in ahead of you, and speeds up again when the road ahead is clear. The next stage after this is not to have a driver at all - but who wants that when the Polo is such fun to drive?

Driver alert system

The Polo’s clever computers calculate how long you have been at the wheel, and how straight you’re keeping the car, and alert you with a dashboard message if they think you need a break. It’s like having a passenger in the car with you looking after your best interests - but without the nagging...

Driver-centric cockpit

Get behind the wheel and you will see that Volkswagen have customised everything for the driver’s comfort. Because of the attention to detail, every control and switch is easy to reach and simple to operate, making driving effortless and comfortable. No more stretching and leaning – everything’s at hand. If only everything was this handy when you’re sat in your favourite armchair at home!

Heat-insulating tinted glass

Keeping the cabin at a good temperature is key to comfortable driving - and this is helped by the heat-insulating tinted back windows of the Polo. The glass insulates up to 65 per cent of the sunlight, stopping heat building up in the car and keeping it at a pleasant temperature. If only all conservatories were this good...

City emergency braking

You know that moment at a roundabout when the car in front edges forward to pull away, so you edge forward to and look at the oncoming traffic - only to realise too late the car in front hasn’t moved after all, and BANG…. Well, that’s a thing of the past. The Polo’s clever computers can see when you’re about to clunk into something, and will automatically stop the car for you. It’s great for that around-town driving, when you need eyes in the back of your head to keep track of all that traffic.

Sporty new look

The new ‘family face’ of the Scirocco and Golf can now be seen on the front of the Polo. It works well with the Polo and the swept-back headlights and thin, horizontal grille give the car a low and wide sporty stance. It’s the kind of car that will always look great parked on the drive.

Under-seat storage

A simple yet very effective design feature. The compartments are easily accessible and very practical, making them perfect for those little bits and pieces that build up in every car. It also means there is less clutter in the cabin. And we all love getting into a car that looks neat and tidy.

Rear view camera

If you’ve never had a car with one before, you don’t know what you’re missing! The camera, cleverly tucked away by the number plate at the back, switches on when the car is in reverse gear, giving the driver a perfect view of what’s behind. The crystal-clear 3D picture makes parking a cinch - and two lines that appear on the screen help make manoeuvring so simple. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll always want it.

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