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Published Date: 11/11/2015

The Volkswagen Passat sets the benchmark for the premium family car without the premium pricetag.

Volkswagen Passat Estate

A million Passats are sold across the globe each year and, positioned as the flagship Volkswagen, it comes with a selection of excellent interior features to enhance your experience.

This is true whatever your budget, as even the entry level Passat Estate is well-equipped with air conditioning, digital radio, Bluetooth connectivity and electric door mirrors as standard. However, the additional features of higher specification models are something exceptional.

Like many cars, the Passat Estate can be equipped with a Park Assist function, but unlike them it will also park a trailer for you, automatically. With Trailer Assist you only have to select Reverse and your desired parking angle and the system will manage the steering for you. You only have to accelerate and brake – and you can override the system by moving the steering wheel yourself.

Other automated systems include a pedestrian collision prevention mechanism which will perform an emergency stop to prevent the car from mowing down a careless walker and traffic jam assist. This latter system will brake, accelerate and steer for you in stop-start traffic.

When it comes to entertainment, the standard Composition Media– controlled by a 6.5-inch touchscreen – can be complemented by a 10-speaker Dynaudio Confidence sound system to provide great sound quality for all occupants.

New to the Passat for 2016 is an extraordinary party piece: the Active Info Display. This huge 12.3-inch screen replaces the standard instrument binnacle and has five different views which can be tailored to meet the driver’s needs. In navigation mode, for example, the whole screen is filled with the sat-nav display, with the speedometer and rev counter moved to the periphery. The system is also networked with other systems in the car, so the infotainment system data – like your phone’s contacts list or the CD cover of your current choice of music – can be displayed.

This can be paired with a heads-up display to project your speed, next navigation instruction and any alerts directly ahead of you.

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