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Published Date: 05/08/2015

First ever petrol bluemotion
It is easy to forget how important your tyres are and let the tread fall to an illegal level.

Sometimes, driving down to your local Inchcape Volkswagen centre can’t be squeezed into your day, and finding time to make the call to book in the car… well, we’re all so busy…

But worry no more. It can now all be done online.

The simple four-step online booking method allows you to book in the car and choose your tyres –  without having to come into our service centre.

All you have to do on our website is enter your postcode and registration number and you will find a selection of tyres available for your VW – from budget tyres, through mid-range and on to premium.

We stock all big-brand named tyres such as Goodyear, Pirelli, Michelin and Bridgestone to ensure you get the tyre that matches your driving requirements.

Then, once you have chosen your desired tyre, all you have to do is select a convenient fitting date and then pay when they tyres are fitted at your local Inchcape centre. It really is that simple.

For more details regarding available tyre options for your vehicle, please visit  

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