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Published Date: 11/11/2015

Each year since 2006, October has been Tyre Safety Month.

Tyre Safety Month

TyreSafe, the body behind the campaign, distributes hundreds of thousands of leaflets and posters, along with awareness days and events to bring attention to the importance of our tyres and their general condition.

In a survey conducted earlier this year of over 100,000 tyres removed from vehicles, TyreSafe found that more than a quarter were already illegally worn – below the minimum 1.6mm tread depth – equating to nearly 10 million illegal tyres on the UK’s roads.

Tread depth is key to how your car accelerates, brakes and turns, particularly when it’s wet. Worn tyres cannot channel water away as effectively, leading to the rubber blocks floating on surface water – aquaplaning – and the driver losing control of the car.

Driving on tyres under the legal minimum tread depth is not only unsafe but also risks up to a £2,500 fine and three penalty points… for each illegal tyre!

Drivers should check their tyres every month and before every long journey, but 1 in 5 drivers admits to never having checked their tyres at all! It’s relatively easy to do too, as 1.6mm corresponds almost exactly to the outer edge of a 20p piece. Simply put the coin into your tyre tread and if you can still see the edge it’s likely to be illegally worn. Don’t forget that this applies all round the tyre and across the centre 75% of it.

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