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Published Date: 14/01/2015

Volkswagen’s R Touch interior technology concept has been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas featuring advanced gesture control.

 Volkswagen Golf R Touch concept revealed

Based on the standard Golf hatchback – the R Touch interior concept gives a glimpse into the future for the German manufacturer and offers the next level in advanced infotainment.

The R Touch concept contains an evolution of the automakers current touchscreen system used for in-car multimedia and information features.

Alongside this is gesture control with the screen itself being expanded to 12.8-inches - a separate 8-inch Control Centre beneath it boasts a number of clever functions.

Arguably the most exciting innovation to come from the showcase is the advanced hand gesture control which Volkswagen maintain will allow “intuitive operation of high-tech infotainment”.

The system uses proximity sensors and a 3D camera fitted in the roof lining to record and interpret hand movements to control nearly every single piece of equipment in the cabin.

If the operator gestures to touch the roof then the car will instantly bring up the touchscreen controls for the sunroof – gesturing your hand back or forward will slide the roof open or closed respectively.

Hand-waving akin to this can be used to adjust the seats and even the cars climate control – Volkswagen claims the system has been designed to decrease the number of distractions for the driver and make the process of controlling technology more natural.

It’s not just the gesture control system VW was showing off this week – they have manage to evolve more familiar technology with even large and more feature-packed central touchscreen displays.

The main screen has been increased to a 12.8-inch piece which control infotainment, multimedia options and internet browsing

Another 8-inch screen has replaced the need for cumbersome buttons and knobs for the heating and air condition system.

Even the dials are digitized thanks to a recently launched Virtual Display – we will also get the long-awaited Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto smartphone integrations.

Volkswagen demonstrated a new addition to its all-electric e-Golf hatch – known as Trained Parking, the system uses a camera mounted at the base of the rear-view mirror to scan for parking opportunities.

It can then semi-autonomously take the car to them and park – it can even be used to guide the car automatically to electric charging points.

No solid dates have been given for when the technology will be fitted to road-going models but we will keep you informed of any announcements.


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