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Published Date: 07/04/2015

Volkswagen reveal plans for electric and connected cars

Volkswagen are set to expand their range within the electric and connected car segment, with the high demand for these models clearly shaping the future of the motor industry.

Volkswagen will provide SUVs and crossovers with much greater efficiency along with excellent internet connectivity, which will be standard on all of their models by 2020. The connectivity available will be able in combination with high standard autonomous driving technology, with VW committed to supporting the next generation of self-driving technology. 

The Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Professor Dr. Martin Winterkorn has stated that their further advanced models including self-driving features will be set to lead the market very soon. “We will be among the first to successfully market this technology with Audi and Volkswagen”.

Volkswagen have pledged to not only developing hybrids, but also to put even more energy into full electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars. The German manufacturer is already the world’s largest choice of electrically powered vehicles, from the plug-in Volkswagen Up! City car to the beloved Volkswagen Golf plug-in hybrid.

They have also announced they could be looking to terminate their three-door version of the popular Polo model, Winterkorn said, “The market for three-door vehicles in the compact segment is shrinking fast. In light of this, we are intensively checking whether, for example, we will only build a five-door polo in the future.

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