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Published Date: 02/12/2015

What Volkswagen should I buy for Winter?

As winter hoves into view, your mind may naturally turn to thoughts of a four-wheel drive car.

Volkswagen has the bases covered for just about any purpose with a range models equipped with Volkswagen 4MOTION that includes hatchbacks and vans - and many points in-between!

The smallest 4WD Volkswagen is the sporty Golf R. Although intended as a high-performance model - with a 0-60mph time under 5 seconds - the Golf R uses the 4MOTION system to provide up to 50% of the engine torque to the rear axle, switching to front-wheel drive in normal driving conditions or while cruising.

Slightly larger is the Golf Alltrack. This ruggedised version of the Golf estate comes with either the 1.6 or 2.0 TDI diesel engines, but whichever engine and gearbox choice you make, all are equipped with four-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Golf R Winter Tips

Moving up one size, the Passat Alltrack is of similar talents. There are two options for 4MOTION fans, with 150PS and 190PS versions of the 2.0 TDI, with manual and DSG gearboxes respectively. If you can do without the 4x4 styling of the Alltrack, the regular estate version of the GT BiTDI Passat - and its saloon sibling - are both 4WD models too.

If you need to move a great deal more people around, the Caravelle now comes with 4MOTION options across much of the range. Available with either SE or Executive trims on the 180PS and 204PS BiTDI engines, the 4WD Caravelle can carry up to 6 passengers and their luggage.

Of course when you think of four-wheel drive cars most people think of large SUVs and Volkswagen offers both the Tiguan and Touareg models to fill that brief. All Touaregs and the majority of the Tiguan range come with 4MOTION as standard and will keep you going not only on wintery roads but likely across snow-bound ploughed fields too.

If those fields are your daily commute, then you might also like to look at the Amarok pickup. This is also exclusively four-wheel drive and adds the comfort of a five seat Volkswagen family car to the utilitarianism of a pickup truck - a terrific car for winter in very remote, rural locations!

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