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Published Date: 6/20/2016

Volkswagen T-Prime GTE
Volkswagen is always looking to push forward in both the technological and design aspects of the motoring industry

With the latest concept, the T-Prime GTE, Volkswagen has yet again shown what the near-future of motoring could look like.

This SUV concept is designed to fit into the premium end of the market, much like the Touareg, and makes modern advancements both under the bonnet and inside the cockpit.

With interior styling and functionality a clear progression in car technology in recent years, the T-Prime gets rid of conventional buttons and switches, and replaces them with a ‘Curved Interaction Area’, which will use gesture and voice control and touch-sensitive screens and surfaces to control the infotainment systems. This is to make the future of motoring appear much closer with the smoothing of interior design.

Also, the eight-speed automatic transmission will be controlled with an intuitive ‘by wire’ system with glass scroll wheel on the central console. 

Built to provide comfort, space and efficient driving, the T-Prime has been designed to offer as much for everyone as possible. Designed with superb drivability in mind, the T-Prime is based on the state-of-the-art modular transverse matrix (MQB) chassis and this gives the driver confidence whatever the conditions, especially when paired with the all-wheel drive system.

The GTE has clean driving in mind also, with the plug-in hybrid system helping to make it a very efficient vehicle and one of the cleanest in the SUV field. Electric mode in the GTE will have a range of up to 50 kilometres, with the 381PS engine helping to make the T-Prime a dynamic model in GTE mode.

The T-Prime is the start of a large move into the SUV market by Volkswagen, with the T-ROC concept adding a mid-range option, whilst the T-Cross Breeze will be a smaller option so VW can assert dominance in the SUV market.

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