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Published Date: 12/08/2016

Discover Pro navigation

As technologies develop further, they will become more helpful in everyday situations, and for Volkswagen the progression of helpful technologies will make its vehicles even more useful.

A new feature that will be standard with the Discover Media and Discover Pro infotainment systems is the ‘Regular Routes’ programme, which analyses your regular journeys, such as your morning commute, and then analyses it whilst you drive to see if you can avoid obstacles.

For example, if unexpected traffic develops on your regular route to work, the system will divert the route to avoid the disruption and put you back on track as early as possible.

The system even works when the navigation application is inactive, so when there is a problem on a familiar journey, the car is already prepared to help you out.

Tested in some of the most congested cities in Germany, the system has been honed to be as reliable and helpful as possible.

The system’s memory remembers every route you take, and then the three most popular journeys are listed in accordance with the day of the week and time you take them.

If the driver decides to take a different route to the destination, the system stays quiet, but if there is an issue on the road ahead, ‘Regular Routes’ kicks into action and is on hand to get you to your end point as quickly as possible.

With this feature on hand, Volkswagen drivers will feel more at ease on the road, as they will know that if any problems occur, ‘Regular Routes’ is there to help them. 

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