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Published Date: 10/02/2016

Touran named safest compact MPV for 2016

It's already won a five star rating from EuroNCAP, but now the Volkswagen Touran has been named the safest compact MPV on sale.

The new Touran underwent testing by EuroNCAP - the European New Car Assessment Programme - in September 2015. The bruising testing procedure includes a series of high energy impacts, both head-on and from the side, along with an overall assessment of included safety equipment and how well the vehicle cushions pedestrians in a collision.

Touran named safest compact MPV for 2016

For 2015 the test regime became tougher still. Alongside the standard 'offset' crash, where the vehicle is driven into an obstacle roughly 40% of the width of the car and set to its left, a full-width collision was included. For this, the car is driven into a solid obstacle across its entire front end.

Other impacts include a side-impact, with a powered ram driven into the side of the vehicle, and the tough side pole-impact which sees the car carried into a solid fixed pole, simulating trees and road furniture. Human-analog 'crash test dummies' record the results of the crashes with potential injury to various body parts measured.

The Touran came out with the maximum five star rating, both performing well in the physical testing and also the driver assists that prevent a collision in the first place. Pre-crash occupant protection played an important role too. This system detects if a collision is imminent and takes action to protect the occupants by tightening the seatbelts along with closing the windows and sunroof. This ensures that when the airbags deploy, they are in the ideal position within the vehicle structure.

Over the course of 2015, 40 vehicles from a range of manufacturers were tested by EuroNCAP, most scoring four or five stars - recognising the strides forward made across the industry in terms of vehicle safety. The Touran's five star rating and high percentage scores within each of the four categories - adult safety, child safety, pedestrian safety and safety assists - ensured that it managed the best result of any small MPV tested in 2015.

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