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Published Date: 22/02/2016

Volkswagen and the Motability scheme

Created in 1977, the Motability Scheme exists to provide personal transport and independence to people with mobility issues, using part of their mobility allowance to lease a vehicle.

For those eligible, there's a wide range of Volkswagens available on the scheme, encompassing every model sector.

City cars are popular choices for Motability vehicles, offering the cheapest way into motoring for the budget conscious. Volkswagen's class-leading up! is part of the Mobility scheme and you can choose between three- and five-door models, automatic and manual and from Move, Look and High specifications. All of the options are available without any advance payment and some don't even require the full cost of your mobility payment - from £49.50 per week.

Volkswagen and the Motability scheme

A little more spacious, there's a wide selection of Polo models on offer too, covering a range of engine and trim options - including the popular Match specification and the new generation of TSI petrol engines. The majority of vehicles available require no advance payment and many are available for less than the full mobility component payment, starting at £54 a week.

Of course the most popular car for Volkswagen is the Golf, and you're well covered there, with many options in the three- and five-door hatchback, estate and SV models. The 1.2 litre Golf hatch is available in S specification with no advance payment and the range runs through to the sporty GTD diesel hatch and even the Alltrack four-wheel drive estate, with no model more expensive than a £1,599 initial payment.

Style-seekers are well catered for, with both the Beetle and Scirocco available. Beetle models include the 1.4 TSI Design, at no advance payment, and the Scirocco is also in 1.4 TSI form for no initial payment. Two litre TDI and TSI models of Scirocco are also available, with the new Black Edition specification too. You can also get the larger CC on the Motability scheme, from £1,399.

If a family saloon is more your thing, there's a broad choice of Jetta and Passat models on offer. The Passat starts from a £699 advance payment, with an estate option available too from £1,099. These models are all available with a selection of 1.6 and 2.0 TDI engines, with manual and automatic gearboxes available for both.

Should you need to move plenty of people or lots of things around, you'll also find a complete selection of VW people carriers and offroaders, with Touran, Sharan and Touareg models available. The Tiguan range starts with no advance payment at all for the 2.0 TDI S model or £299 for the same car with four-wheel drive. All three cars are available in a wide selection of trims and with both manual and automatic gearboxes on offer.

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