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Published Date: 23/11/2016

Volkswagen ID Concept 2016

This year’s biennial Paris Motor Show was quite an important event for Volkswagen, as it was host to the unveiling of the company’s next step in motoring.

With the latest concept design, Volkswagen hopes to be a forerunner in the electric vehicle market with the Concept ID, a Golf-sized hatchback for the forward-looking driver.

Fitted with a battery pack that could yield over 370 miles of range, the ID is the first model to be developed and based on the new modular electric drive kit structure. With the electric motor placed on the rear axle, it offers more interior area and space similar to that of a Passat saloon.

With the power output of 167hp, the ID will be priced similarly to a Golf with the same output and will hopefully be on the roads by 2020, helping Volkswagen bring the motoring world to a fresher and cleaner way of driving.

Fitted with autonomous features ready for the 2025 introduction of ID Pilot, the ID is ready for the future, with the steering wheel folding into the dashboard when the Volkswagen logo is pressed on the steering wheel, offering more interior space for a relaxed driverless experience.

This launch also spells the end of the conventional key for the motorist, as Volkswagen announced the Digital Key, which will be used to open your car and promote the idea of car sharing in the future. With every driver’s profile saved on the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, every Volkswagen you step into will be suited for each individual, including radio station preference, seat position and climate control settings.

The event was a key marker in the brand's history, and with the ID set for a launch in 2020, the future of driving clearly isn’t far away.

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