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Published Date: 10/03/2016

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the BUDD-e Concept is Volkswagen's vision of the leisure vehicle from the near future.

This particular vision combines all of today's finest electric vehicle, autonomous driving and connected car tech into one Volkswagen Camper-style package.

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

Midway between the Touran and T6 Transporter in size, the electric BUDD-e is pencilled in at 301hp, with just over half of the power coming from the rear motor and the rest from a front motor - making the van four-wheel drive.

This delivers performance figures of 0-60mph in 6.9s and a top speed limited to 112mph. With an estimated range of around 250 miles and VW estimated 80% charge times to have fallen to 30 minutes by 2019, the BUDD-e is on a par with current combustion-engined cars.

It's all about the connected tech though - or the Internet of Things, as Volkswagen points out. Volkswagen imagines that with the BUDD-e you can interact with your connected devices at home, setting the thermostat, checking on the kids or seeing what's in your smartfridge. You can order groceries from the van and, via near-field communications, get them delivered to it like a drop box.

Together with gesture control, autonomous driving and the ability to take videos on board during the trip, Volkswagen has imagined the ultimate road trip vehicle for the next generation.

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