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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 23/09/2016

Volkswagen has joined forces with car sharing platform Zipcar to form Zipwagen, a new venture that aims to cater for people's changing attitudes to owning cars in cities.

Inchcape Volkswagen

In partnership with Zipcar –the largest car-sharing service in the world – VW aims to cater for the growing trend of sustainable, inner city driving, and is introducing 50 Golf GTEs to the streets of London.

These 50 new GTEs will join Zipcar’s 50 strong fleet in London, which allows drivers to hire vehicles for an hourly rate after signing up to a Zipcar membership. The low-emission hatchback can then be used in the city or further afield, thanks to its excellent hybrid system that allows for 580 miles of range and is capable of 166 mpg.

With dedicated Zipcar parking bays and charging points around central London, the cars are easily accessible through the mobile app or with a Zipcard, and when you're finished, return the vehicle to the same bay you picked it up from.

As inner-city residents have begun to ditch their cars for more efficient ways of transport, Zipwagen will provide its members with a practical and financially viable option, meaning there is no need to pay maintenance costs, insurance or tax. This means you can still have easy access to a car, without the hassle of owning one.

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