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Golf Estate

Model Advance Payment Allowance Advance Payment Allowance
Golf Estate SE TDI 2.0 6spd Manual  £649 T/A  NIL  £63.74 
Golf Estate SE TDI 2.0 7spd DSG  £1,049  T/A  NIL  £64.80 
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Golf Estate SE NAV TDI 2.0 6spd Manual 
£699 T/A NIL £64.07
Golf Estate SE NAV TDI 2.0 7spd DSG £1,099  T/A  NIL  T/A 
Golf Estate GT TDI 2.0 6spd Manual £1,199 T/A £146 T/A
Golf Estate GT TDI 2.0 7spd DSG £1,599 T/A £546 T/A

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* All vehicles include metallic paint unless otherwise stated.

T/A - Total allowance

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