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Prepare your documentation

You must have the following documents prior to application:

Drivers’ licence(s)
As the proposed applicant you will be required to accept electronic verification of your licence with the DVLA. Should you refuse permission or if your licence is not DVLA issued (i.e. Northern Ireland and overseas), a copy must be sent to your Inchcape Volkswagen Motability retailer to forward on to or sent by fax to 0117 979 8668.

Recent utility bill
(less than 3 months old) Gas, Electric and a bank statement.

Notice of Entitlement
You must qualify for the Motability Scheme, i.e. 12 month allowance at time of Contract Hire application. A copy of your DWP letter will be required or if you are an appointee, a copy of your nominator’s letter.

If you wish to apply for a grant, application should stop and you should contact the Customer Helpline on 0845 456 4566, who will give you further assistance.

Application as a War Pensioner can only be submitted online if you do not require financial assistance or an automatic gearbox. Should you require either of these, please contact your nearest Inchcape Volkswagen Motability retailer.

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