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Inchcape Volkswagen SMART Repair

Clever repair, intelligent savings.
Dents or scratches from hailstones or stone chips? Minor cosmetic faults happen quickly and can affect the value of your Volkswagen, but do you really need to have everything replaced? We can now offer you a smart alternative: Volkswagen SMART Repair. Otherwise known as Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, SMART is a modern way to make dents, divets, scuffs, scratches, and chips a thing of the past.

These modern alternative repair methods are up to 80% cheaper# than past repair procedures and guarantees your car a new lease of life. Even plastic areas – door mirrors, bumpers, even spoilers can be restored to their original and peak condition, with everything down to texture seamlessly replicated. Don’t worry, we have it all taken care of.
#Compared to conventional repair methods.

Inchcape Volkswagen Smart RepairPaint repairs
Developments made in repair paints mean that now, we can completely eliminate minor paintwork damage (such as scratches and chips) without even having to remove parts and perform secondary painting. The innovative paint system guarantees maximum colour uniformity according to the original colour code, and a seamless transition to the original paintwork for a flawless finish. 

Inchcape Volkswagen Smart RepairWindscreen repairs
In many cases, minor damage from stone chippings can be repaired without replacing the windscreen and, if you have comprehensive insurance, it won’t even cost you a penny#. Here, a liquid filler resin is pressed into the damaged area, filling even the most microscopically minute cracks. It is then hardened with UV light to become hard as glass, and you’re ready to drive away.
                                          #If the insurance does not accept the claim, we can still offer you cost-effective solutions.

Inchcape Volkswagen Smart RepairDent removal
Dents can be removed quickly and cost-effectively, with the original paintwork of your car retained, and a full guarantee against perforation rusting of the body. This is ideal for hailstone damage, and minor parking damage. For this work to be carried out to its fullest potential, the paintwork of the dented area must not be damaged.

Inchcape Volkswagen Smart RepairStone chips in paintwork
Stone chippings on the bonnet and other painted parts on the front of your vehicle are quickly and cost-effectively eliminated with an almost flawless finish, and without having to remove the damaged parts.

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