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Winter Check £20

Winter roads. Pot holes, snow, ice, storms, puddles, mud and more mud. But nothing to make you shiver. Not if your car is adequately prepared. Which it will be with our Winter Health Check. A meticulous examination of your car with a 34-point Express Visual Check including tyres, oil and washer fluid top-ups, battery and alternator check, plus a Winter Car Care Kit consisting of freeze-resistant screenwash, de-icer, rubber care stick and ice scraper. And all you have to scrape together is £20.  Winter Check Kit

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Cold weather tyres.
Because the grip of winter demands extra grip.

When temperatures drop below 7C, tyre compounds harden and give your car less grip. (In the UK last year, temperatures were below 7C for nearly six months.) By fitting cold weather tyres with a more effective tread pattern and greater rubber content, your tyres grip the road better and offer more traction. Research has shown that this can reduce the risk of aquaplaning and improve stopping distances by up to 11 metres at just 20 mph. What’s more, cold weather tyres wear up to 20% less than standard tyres during cold weather, a saving that massively off-sets the initial cost of fitting them.

Winter Check Braking

Winter Check braking

 above 7 ℃ below 7 ℃ below 7 ℃
 Dry roads Tick Tick Tick
 Wet roads Tick Tick Tick
 Optimum comfort/low noise Tick Cross Tick
 Optimum wear/mileage Tick Cross Tick
 Snow Cross Tick
 Ice   Cross Tick

Summer Tyres vs Winter Tyres

Warming winter accessories and merchandise.

Winter Check Accessories

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